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Board game banter, and just… well… banter!

The Voices

Hello! Our names are Rachel and Jenna, otherwise known as your hosts of the FLGP! We wanted to introduce ourselves and assuage your obvious curiosity. If you love dragons, games and RPGs you are in the right place! Join us as we talk about the games we are currently loving, the games we can’t wait to play, and the general chaos and nerdiness of our lives. Thank you for checking out your Favorite Local Game Pod!

My name is Jenna (the left one)! My husband, Jordan, and I have been Wisconsin residents for five years, and we are lucky to have found a fantastic group of board gamers, and now wonderful friends. We’ve been playing weekly for almost 4 years, and sometime if I’m feeling brave I’ll post a photo of the collection we’ve amassed during that time! (The challenge used to be choosing a bookshelf for books or movies/TV series, but now we have to add board games, and we’ve had to be creative!). I tend to love engine and deck builders, and anything with a tactical or puzzley challenge to it. I’m new to RPG, but have tried my hand at being a DM, and have played for a couple of years now; there are so many things to love. Dragons, bugbears, gelatinous cubes, hijinks and chaos; what’s not to love!

My day job is as a high school science teacher, and I help coach our school’s Science Olympiad team. I nerd out a lot about the work that Genius Games does (as well as anything dragon related), and love that I can share my love of science AND board games with my students. This podcast has become a passion project, and I’m so glad Rachel asked me to be a part of it. I can’t imagine spending time talking about games, nerdy stuff, and so many other random things with anyone else!


Hi, I’m Rachel (the right one)! By weekday I am a mild-mannered cubicle worker but after my day job I am a co-owner of the Gathering Games in New Richmond, WI. At our store, my primary focus is board games, and also RPG’s. I’m a big fan of victory points, sheep and pushing cubes. I also enjoy the creativity and camaraderie of the RPG table.

My husband Jacque and I live in Hudson, Wisconsin and spend our time painting mini’s, playing games, building characters and watching sci-fi and fantasy (yes, even the bad stuff). 

Because my love of games is just not nerdy enough, I also try to find time for my other hobbies including; building the world’s most eclectic fairy garden, holding conversations with plants, listening to True Crime/forensics/anthropology lectures, reading books about dragons and swords and knitting everything from socks to miniature chickens. 
I’m so excited to be a part of this podcast. Jenna is one of the smartest people I know, and I’m counting on her to bring me back into focus when I chase all the shinies. Can’t wait to share our very weird and wonderful lives with you!